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Dear You,

If you are new here then please allow us to introduce ourselves… We are The Doppler Shift and since we formed this band in 2012 we have had one simple ambition: To write and perform the best music that we can. No compromises.

The last few years have been an evolution for us in many ways but never before have we felt more confident in what we are creating than at this moment in time. We are just four members, Joe, Matt, Russ and George, but our inspirations are broad. Yet there is a harmony that brings our influences together into something special, that represents us all collectively, and of which we are incredibly proud. Lyrically we try to express honestly the world as we see it. Life is seldom rainbows and unicorns, and so we hope to translate the passions and frustrations that we all experience on a daily basis, and that we often find hard to express.

Yes it has been a long journey to get to this moment, but even so it feels like we are at the start of something new. Our latest EP Hush House represents an energy and immediacy that we have never felt before, which is exciting to be a part of, and which we’d love to share with all of you.

The Doppler Shift


    • Soody

      Muse’ish’ yes, but with a raw edge that has a serious appeal. Saw you at Proud Camden when going to watch another band and was blown away. So much so that the date had to take a back seat! Already spreading the word to friends and trying to get a bunch together to come along to The Islington on the 8th.

      • thedopplershift

        Thanks Soody, really appreciate it. We loved it there and can’t wait to gig at Proud again in Feb. Look forward to catching up at The Islington gig. Make sure you come up and say hello. Joe :)

    • Carol Arnese

      Just seen you at the hope in Brighton. Brilliant. Drumming amazing and not one song I didn’t like. Would have paid more than a fiver just to see this quality. Thank you :-)

    • thedopplershift

      Thanks for your comments on this. As for the production, we do all this ourselves so glad it has made an impact. As for our influences, you can’t choose them they just settle in your head and you draw on the ones that you need when you need them. the era of self pity…I like the sound of that.

    • Neil

      i loved it too or shud i say the lack of one most biogs are usually of upper class twits pretending to come from a council estate, its so polished ur music so Im guessing the producers got form. The lyrics could be a tale of my life sadly but with the dark night of the soul answers too, its absolutely brill but the only thing that bugs me, is u sound like Coldplay & Muse too much melody wise but the non linear drumming is gr8. I think that whining verses bit with hi pitch vocals I have heard that for over ten years now Im so bored of it its like a little kid moaning all the time. Surely the era of self pity is over the three stages to the truth is riducule, anger & acceptance maybe its time to reduce the acceptance & do some ridicule, i think Jarvis cocker & Morrisey were great at that, unless u can think of a new stage best of luck guys BTW ur way better than Coldplay & Muse they really r crap. I hope u find ur own sound ur certainly knocking on the door but i know like Muse it wont be long before u turn into a dance band is the easy option four to floor lol

    • jason barry

      i love the read of you!r biography

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