Recording of our new EP is now coming to an end and the very final changes are being tweaked and twiddled. Our time at Middle Farm Studios is drawing to a close but it’s been an incredible experience. Peter Miles who has been at the helm engineering and producing is a very talented man in many respects. Most excitingly for us he was the guitarist for Martin Grech who if you’ve not heard of him before is one of our favourite artists ( However as a producer he has been a pleasure to work with and has a gift for creating a relaxed creatively conducive environment.

The studio experience is a strange one. Unlike recording at home there is a time restriction which adds pressure to your performance but also forces you to make creative decisions on the spot which ultimately gives a more immediate feel to the final product. The hours are long; the smells are BAD; but you can’t beat the sense of comradary between your fellow band members, who are all working their hardest to create the best music they can. We feel that this is reflected in the final product and we hope you do to when it releases very soon.

Finally, thank you all for being a part of making this experience worthwhile. We want you to love our music as much as we do, and if you do love it then tell everyone you know. We want to keep performing and writing new material for as long as life allows us and our fans and followers are a huge part of what motivates and inspires us to keep going. Make sure you come see us at a gig soon and come say hello if you do. We look forward to hearing your opinions. The new EP will be entitled ‘Hush House’ and will be available through our website, iTunes and all major music channels.

The Doppler Shift x

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